My name is Alice and I am a 21 year old aspiring hardstyle DJ from Canada, I have a son named Cyrus who is my life. My blog is basically;; kawaii things, video games, cyberdog, japanse culture, cats, rave and more... <3 xoxox

like seriously??? who the fuck needs friends anyways…
who needs anyone…?

like I keep putting all this trust in people and they continue to show they either don’t give a fuck, or don’t want me in their life…
I feel like such an outcast.

maybe I’ll just runaway and go live somewhere alone…

I’m just going to stop trying so hard, if I’m unwanted… cool… I’ll just fucking eat my kraft dinner over here with my 3ds and acnl and just not fucking matter… ugh.


tried a new kinda thing, full view for detail @_@

messed around with the palette meme goin around oops

♥ please do not repost/edit; for personal use (please credit if you use it

(via crystalheartprincess)

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